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Strengthening 04 Exercises

Congratulations on completing Strengthening Exercises 03. You are advancing to Strengthening 04 because you are able to  perform 5 single leg step ups to at least 18 inches in height. As you proceed, make sure by checking weekly that you have maintained your symmetric motion.

Initially these may be challenging, but as you continue you will find that your strength improves quickly. The program is designed for advancement when your body is ready to advance. Some people will advance quicker than others; however, this is about you and your progress. You should not advance to the next level until your body is ready.

Each exercise program provides you with a full week of strengthening, balance, and flexibility exercises, which are all essential.  After day 7 go back and start with day one until you are ready to progress to the next level.  it is ok to repeat the same exercises for many weeks.  Do as many times as you need.

You will notice below a picture associated with a particular day.  Days 1, 3, 4, and 6 provide you with a routine consisting of strengthening, balance, and flexibility exercises. Days containing strengthening exercises are spread throughout the week with rest breaks on other days. Days 2, 5, and 7 provide you the opportunity to continue with balance and flexibility exercises, as you cannot really overdo these types of exercises. 

When you click on a particular day, you will be taken to another page that will begin your routine for that day. When you get to the balance exercises, click on the picture.  This will take you to another page that will provide you with the balance exercises for that day. Once completed, click the ‘return to strengthening’ tab at the bottom of the page in order to complete your flexibility exercises for that day.

Once you have completed your exercise routine for that day, click the button labeled ‘complete’ at the bottom of the page and you will return to this page.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a short video describing when to advance to the next strengthening exercise program.  

You also can click the tab labeled ‘gait training’ which will take you to a page explaining how to properly adjust your adaptive equipment (walker, crutches or cane), how to walk properly, and exercises to assist in improving the quality of your walking.

One last tab at the bottom of this page is how to handle flare-ups. There will be times that your knee may become aggravated, causing increased swelling and discomfort. Clicking the ‘flare-ups’ tab will take you to a page educating you on how to handle these situations.

Doing  these exercises may cause some discomfort in your knee. This may be in the front, back, or sides. That is ok, you are not causing any damage. The more you work on getting your strength back, the sooner your knee will start feeling better.

You may notice a crunching or grating sound coming from your knee.  This is a sign of normal wear in your knee and is very common for many people.  Once it starts it will likely stay around forever.  This is ok and it is still very safe to exercise. The best advice is to ignore the sensation.

Click On 'Day 1' To Begin Strengthening 04 Exercises

Then come back each day and continue with the next day’s exercises.


After completing day 7 return to day 1 until you are ready to advance

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