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A knee scope, formally called a knee arthroscopy, is performed for a variety of reasons, including meniscus tears, loose bodies, cartilage tears/flaps, etc.
In most cases, the surgery is of relatively short duration and is done as an outpatient. Typically, you are released without any restrictions on activity after the acute swelling phase, which lasts about three days.

To assist you in returning to your life’s activities, we have designed a safe exercise program to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.

Often times the pain that was treated by the surgery caused you to favor your knee, resulting in weakness prior to surgery. These exercises will reverse that. 

During these first 3 days, we encourage you to perform only the basic exercises (re-establishing range of motion and quad control) and maintain ice and elevation to minimize swelling. On post-operative day 4, you can progress through the other exercises as quickly as you’d like (as long as you’ve completed the basic exercises).

How Do You Rehabilitate After Your Arthroscopy?

Watch video below for answers